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1. Bluetooth boost: Incoming calls, messages, Wechat, QQ, skype, whatsapp, facebook, Linkedin, twitter, vibrate, online notification.

2. Heart rate monitor, continuous heart rate monitor, blood pressure, sleep monitor.

3. Pedometer, Distance, Calories, Stopwatch.

4. Sedentary reminder, meeting reminder.

5. Find the watch, find the phone, raise the hand switch on,

6. Time format 24 h / 12 h, metric / imperial units selectable.

7. Shake for shooting, restore the factory settings.

Color screen smart bracelet

Open a smart and healthy lifestyle.



Bigger and clearer

1.3 inch IPS color display Show a clearer visual experience.



Classic watch design

Fashion wear, sports business casually enter and exit different occasions show different styles, easily cope with life.
Soft silicone strap
The key to comfortable wearing is the watch's wristband With a new and improved wristband, it is soft and smooth, giving you a more comfortable wearing experience.
Variety of style dials are free to match
Different style dials match different moods Show yourself differently at any time.
Rich function
Colorful features always forget to wear every time you go out.
Various straps
A variety of color wristbands  colorful out of the street, the mood shines.
Multiple sports modes
8 sports modes, running / basketball / riding... Record the intensity and consumption of each exercise.
Real-time heart rate monitoring
Analysis of blood flow under the skin through high-end optical sensors, real-time display of heart rate Avoid unreasonable exercise and cause damage to the body.
Blood pressure blood oxygen monitor
The blood oxygen content in the body can be monitored at any time blood pressure monitoring and the APP can also record all day  and can view the monitoring records and historical monitoring records of the day.
Call / SMS / APP reminder
The bracelet synchronizes information content for faster and easier viewing.
Intimate function
A variety of intimate features, happy your life, fun your experience.
support multi-language
Massive memory, support for multi-language display.
Powerful battery life
Large capacity battery, strong battery life.
Product Size
Product parameters