AMAZFIT m moving watch smart watches millet youth version and wristband waterproof meter pacing heart rate

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AMAZFIT BIP 45 days The Life of The Battery GPS + GLONASS Text / Email / Call Notificatic Weighs only 1.1 oz / 32g (Without packaging box)

45 DAYS OF BATTERY LIFE The charger will not be needed too often. Once fully loaded, it can last up to 4 months (When he only used for the calculation stage and sleep monitoring.) GPS and GLONASS Integrated Sony 28nm low-power GPS chips to keep track of your activities. AIR PRESSURE MONITOR, COMPASS and IP68 WATER RESISITANT MIFIP APP Update all the data to your smartphone. Black, green and orange for you to choose. APP notifications call reminder TELEPHONE CALL REMINDER NOTIFICATIONS PUSH When he phone call the watch starts to vibrate to inform you